Editing from Veridikal increases your chances of publication with professional editing by native speakers of English.

Having us edit your document prior to submission of your intended journal will dramatically increase the chances for publication. Our editors use all their years of experience to help increase your chances in the competitive academic, technical, and medical publishing field.

Veridikal’s editors are:

  • Native speakers
  • Academic and language experts with the knowledge and know-how required in academic and scientific research and publishing
  • Professionals with a Master’s Degree or PhD

At Veridikal, we edit:

  1. to correct grammar
  2. for clarity and accuracy of word choice
  3. to communicate the novelty and importance of your research
  4. to the requirements and/or author’s guidelines of your intended journal your references upon request
  5. for multiple-rounds (2 rounds at no extra charge) and a minimal charge for each round after that

Veridikal’s publication support services:

Our publication support services enhance and are additional to our standard editing to assist you to achieve, by increasing your chances of, publication in your intended journal.

We offer the following services:

  • manuscript formatting to journal guidelines
  • journal location service

Veridikal’s editing levels

Our goal is to increase your chances of publication in your intended journal by adding native flow and style while maintaining technical accuracy. Our innovative 3-stage editing process sets the industry standard.


We only have one level of editing that we do in three-phases

  1. Phase one is the copy-edit where we modify grammar, spelling, syntax, and formatting.
  2. Phase two is the substantive edit where we heavily modify your paper with a keen eye on content related to your research and document design.
    • It is during this phase that we add educational, structural, and research related comments for our customers to become better writers.
    • Most companies offer this is as their premier service, but our standard service is well above this.
  3. Phase three is a comprehensive proofreading prior to returning your manuscript.